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My Secret Romance Episode 7 Summary + Recap + Leaked Video

Why does it feel like nobody is watching My Secret Romance? This drama is so stupid good. I mean, is it mindblowing and breaking all the archetypes I ever knew? NO. But it doesn’t need to, because I enjoy watching it.

Anyway, much to my surprise, some wonderful person leaked episode 7 onto youtube, but there are no subtitles. Please see below for videos 1-3 of 3. 🙂

I will preface these spoilers by saying I am not fluent in Korean, so I’ve done as much translating as I can. I will also do very little editing to this. I’ve been down this road before, and serious kdrama recapping isn’t something I have the time to do. That said, on to the spoilers/recap!!!

Yoomi and Jinwook eat together, and she lays down the law with him that she wants notice before they eat meals because she has a schedule too (and her “dog”). He hastily agrees.

We find out that it was Jinwook’s dad that helped Hyeri schedule the interview with Jinwook, and he’s got babies on the brain. Dad, you’re not a matchmaker. Go away!!

Yoomi overhears Jinwook tell his secretary that his dinners with Yoomi are just work–just business.

Jinwook tells his dad that for the upteenth time he doesn’t love Hye Ri. Dad thinks he’s doing it for Jinwook’s sake, but Jinwook is like, if you’re doing it for my sake, please just step aside.

Yoomi stares at her phone after work, and her co-worker teases her about not leaving. It looks like she’s waiting for somebody.

Yoomi decides to ask Jinwook to dinner. He acts like it’s whatever–then proceeds to grab his coat and makes a run for the door. Awwww LOL. I LOVE IT. He picks her up in the front of the building, and she runs into the car in case somebody sees them. He asks her why she wanted to have dinner tonight, but she just says she feels uneasy not paying him back (it’s basically one of their 10 meals). She didn’t make any dinner plans though, so she asks where they’re going — and since there are no plans, he says his house! (and proceeds to step on the gas even though she’s clearly shocked)

They get to his house, and she doesn’t get out of the car. She actually says she feels weird going into a man’s house alone. He tells her not to think anything strange and stop blushing because he’s hungry.

She asks him why there’s a blanket on the couch. He says casually he doesn’t sleep well, and he doesn’t know how long he’s been an insomniac (been so long).

She compliments his knife skills–why hasn’t he mentioned it before? Looks like he’s brought a lot of girls home too! (he says she’s the first).

(sound malfunction… can’t hear :()

She helps him, because she feels bad waiting around. In an effort to help, she also tastes the sauce… off of his finger. Yup, you heard right. She doesn’t seem affected by it, but he does. Haha.

He corners her and turns the lights off… and then walks away even though her eyes are closed and ready for him to make a move. He asks for her help bringing the dishes over and not to drop the food because it’s expensive. Then the smooth operator pop kisses her while she’s all stunned and holding the plates. He tells her it’s just an “appetizer.” He leans in for a longer kiss, grazing the back of her hands while he removes the plates from them and carries them to the table.

(I promise you that looks a lot better than how I explained it.)

Just as Yoomi’s about to try the steak, the door bell rings, and it’s his dad. She runs and hides. And he asks his dad all flustered if he hasn’t eaten yet, and offers Dad her steak. ;( Dad knows it’s strange that there’s 2 plates–who was this prepared for? But Jinwook brushes it off that he eats like this when he’s alone. And then he blows out the candle in between them lmao.

Yoomi’s snoops in his room, and she sees the jewelry box. She remembers him saying that he and Hyeri are not in that kind of relationship so she decided to open it up and sees her padding. She snaps it shut, and she does it so loudly that they hear it downstairs (that moron). Dad asks if anybody’s there, but Jinwook denies it again. He gets up and Jinwook freaks out. Jinwook goes to check out the noise, and Dad follows him in his room –only to find the cat, Gam Soon, in there. Luckily, it looks like the cat made all that noise. Dad leaves. He goes back in and finds her in the closet, and she’s too flustered to stay any longer.

Next morning Dad realizes Jinwook must be meeting somebody. He makes a call for somebody to check it out.

Jinwook catches Yoomi singing and asks why she’s been avoiding him.

Hyeri is trying to get Hyuntae to do an interview on her program. I don’t care about this storyline or her.

Jinwook asks her to cook for some of his clients. She wants to consider it part of their “10 meals.” They argue about whether or not last night’s “meal” counted.

Hyuntae and Yoomi  exercise together and talk about him going on the program.

Hyuntae picks her up and takes her to the resort where they met. She is mortified and doesn’t want to go back there (didn’t realize that was where they were going). Jinwook seals the deal on the contract. She cooks them rice in a lotus leaf, and they love it. Thumbs up, her cooking has improved!

She goes back to her room, and hears a knock on the door. She goes outside only to find a wrapped package with shoes, dress, and a note from Jinwook to put the dress on.

She comes downstairs as he waits anxiously in the lobby. As their eyes meet, she smiles and he looks surprised at how gorgeous she is. He walks to meet her, and a waiter bumps into her. Luckily, Jinwook catches her and tell her he can’t keeps his eyes off of her.

Could this get anymore Cinderella? I DON’T KNOW.

LOVE IT. Episode 8 can’t come sooner. Somebody, please leak it 🙂 this drama’s been pre-recorded so it’s completely possible haha!

4 thoughts on “My Secret Romance Episode 7 Summary + Recap + Leaked Video

  1. Thanks for the fast recap. Actually, I think a lot of international fans are into this drama. Maybe its not rating well in Korea because there are two platforms ahowing it : a mobile app and a cable station. But if its any indication, its number 1 in dramafever.

  2. Well, I’m watching it. I think many international fans are but the reason why people don’t talk about it a lot might be because, like you said, it’s not mindblowingly good. I think many of us are treating it as a guilty pleasure, I know I do. The drama also follows a pretty predictable formula and doesn’t offer many surprises, so it’s also possible that people don’t find it too exciting to discuss. It’s also on a cable network, which don’t get high ratings.

    By the way, I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to visit your blog (I think back then my blog was still called Between Wor(L)ds). I was pretty surprised to see your site back up, actually. I hope you’re here to stay 🙂

    1. OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU! How have you been doing? Aww thanks for remembering, I still visit your site sometimes too!

      My site’s been dead for so long. I still really liked the domain name, so I kept it, but I went back and forth thinking about whether or not I wanted to do a blog about Asian entertainment like I did before or incorporate more lifestyle things. In the end, my first real post in a few years is a quick recap because I saw that everybody was looking for subs on this ep. Man, once a fangirl, always a fangirl. 🙂

      1. I’m glad you remember me 🙂

        I’ve been okay, I guess 😀 I still try to maintain my blog, but I gotta admit I tend to post very irregularly – from several posts a day to total silence for months. I’ve found a pretty cool drama community on Twitter, though, so I spend more time there now.

        It’s good to hear you decided to start blogging again. I think you can do both on this blog – talk about Asian entertainment and incorporate lifestyle. I mean, that’s the beauty of personal blogs, you get to decide!

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