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My Secret Romance Ep 8 Quick Recap

Hi Everybody,

Don’t even bother look on youtube. Go to Drama PRC‘s facebook for ep.8 split up into 3 parts 🙂

Anyway, onto the quick translation: 

The staff apologize to Yoomi. He thinks they are apologizing to him too, but the manager actually makes Jinwook apologize as the CEO’s son. The manager gives them wine to enjoy together.

Jinwook takes the wine from her, but she fights him that it’s hers–he says that they could share it, given their “relationship.” Somehow, sas she’s grabbing at the wine, she grabs hs waist. Lmao like come on. But okay.

He whispers in her ear that she should go upstairs first and he’ll bring the wine.

Hyeri goes to visit Hyungtae’s cafe for a drink. She asks about Yoomi, but Hyungtae tells her that she’s on a business trip. What’s she thinking? The same thing that he’s thinking (that they must be having a romantic rendezvous). Hyungtae wants to give Yoomi the benefit of the doubt because she’s not that kind of girl, but Hyeri warns him about how sneaky and fox-like women can be.

Back to the couple I actually care about – they clink their glasses at their hard work. He says that he’s been thinking about the past. She says she didn’t think they’d meet again after she disappeared. He asks what’s wrong with him. Does she regret that night? She looks down, and says she does. Aw. That was hurtful.

She was about to talk about the jewelry box, but he interrupts her that it has nothing to do with her. She asks if he’s mad at her, and he tries to brush it off and then they just leave.

Hyeri’s crying about how she only thinks about Jinwook and only loves him. Hyungtae doesn’t agree with her kind of loving.

Yoomi’s in the tub pondering what their relationship might be defined as.

Jinwook makes his secretary take the shuttle bus by himself back. Cold.

They go to the swimming pool. Nobody’s around because it’s his dad. She wants to go to the spa since she’s not a good swimmer, but he’s like nah. You have to watch me. What if something bad happens to me? She says that his secretary should be doing the watching over him, but he just takes his robe off. 🙂 She averts her eyes, but he asks her why she’s like that when it’s not even her first time seeing.

He asks her if she regrets that night, and she turns the question back on him. He says that he doesn’t because he went with his feelings. He hopes she doesn’t feel embarrassed or regret that night either.

He pulls her in the water, and makes fun that even though she’s close to him she didn’t get hiccups. Then she hiccups.

Anyway, she gets out of the water and he decides to play a trick on her and pretend to drown. As lifeguards come to rescue him, he tells the guys to go away. She starts to cry that she doesn’t regret the night, that she likes him, and she saw what’s in the jewelry box. He gets up, and asks if she really saw it.

She asks why he brought the jewelry box. He said he had to since the the owner appeared 🙂 She thanks him for treasuring it. He says if she’s really thankful, then she should be able to atleast give him another kiss.

He walks her to her door. She tells him goodnight, but he pretends to be curious about her initials. She said she doesn’t need to know. He tries to weasel his way in asking if she’s hungry lmao.

Dad finds out about Yoomi.

Yoomi and Jinwook are texting. She avoids another date with him because it’s her dog’s birthday. Really? Jinwook watches from his car as she gets on Hyungtae’s bike to go to Donggoo’s party.

I like the focus on the cake with the big 3 on it.

Jinwook shows up with dog food, and Yoomi rushes Donggoo upstairs even though they barely started the party.

Jinwook makes fun of the cafe. He and Hyungtae drink themselves to oblivion out of competitiveness.

Yoomi finds Jinwook on the floor lol. She asks him if he can make it home if she calls a taxi, but he says he doens’t want to go home nor does he like living alone. She says he can stay and sleep there then.

Donggoo’s so cute seriously. Jinwook wakes up to Donggoo putting hair bands in his hair. Yoomi’s mom says his hair looks cute and tells him Yoomi made him food. He gets up but doesn’t realize he has no pants on. He couldn’t remmeber what happened, but we see some flashbacks, and he should basically be ashamed that he’s a sloppy drunk. He asks Hyungtae what he is to Yoomi–couldn’t be just friends. Hyungtae and him are about to fight until he passes out.

Then Mom’s got an appointment with a PD to try and reignite her , and she asks Jinwook to watch Donggoo. If he wants to be good to Yoomi, he ought to be good to Donggoo too.

LMAO THIS IS HILARIOUS. Jinwook decides to take Donggoo to run around outside instead of playing with his smartphone. Likewise, all the moms are in awe of how hot Jinwook is as he plays with Donggoo on the playground. He even helps the other kids up the slide.

Dad finds Jinwook playing with bubbles and Donggoo.



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