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I Have a Problem with Entitled Youtubers

I have a problem with entitled youtubers.

I was just watching Kendall Rae’s video about the youtube ad boycott. If you follow youtubers, and actually just the projection of youtube in general, maybe you’ll kind of understand where she’s coming from without watching. If you’re not willing to sit through her video, she basically talks about how the youtube ad boycott has affected her channel. She shows an example that her video with 100k views made her ~$18 in ad revenue in a day because of how unattractive her content is for advertisers. She asks for help by becoming a patreon to watch her “free” content (which is a contradiction in itself… if you become a patreon, you essentially paid for her content, since she said she won’t be able to make any content without that support).

She is just one of many.

I am ASTONISHED at how many youtubers sit in front of the camera complaining about the decline in ad revenue and ask for more patreon support or else they will have to completely close their channel–essentially ending their “dream.”

Let me tell you a couple of things about how the REAL world works. Consider this open advice to the masses of entitled youtubers that plague the platform:

If people–advertisers OR viewers–are not willing to pay for your content, then this should not be your job.

Sorry, I had to say it. You don’t deserve to make money from this just because it’s your dream. You don’t deserve to make money from this just because you put in a lot of work into your channel. You don’t deserve to make money from this just because you’ve BEEN making money from this in the past. If you think you should, tell that to the people whose jobs were outsourced or the people that used to make money selling typewriters. I can’t understand the entitlement some of these youtubers have. Making money is all about supply and demand, and the way that people exhibit “demand” is by actually paying for what they want. That being said…

If this is truly your dream, you don’t have to give up being a youtuber.

Nobody said you had to stop. You just won’t be able to bring home the youtube bacon as easily as you used to. This might give you a chance to get the traditional job that most other people have. You know, the people you claim that you relate to. You should be able to do it since you say you’re just a normal person like all the rest of us. Oh, and here’s one last side note:

I’m sorry that you can’t curse in your videos anymore. 

Wow, the amount of youtubers that mentioned they can’t even curse in their videos when they talk about this youtube ad boycott. For comparative purposes, I must also admit that I don’t really get to curse at work either. Shocking.

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